Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire***

My Dernier Cri*
So, today is my 2nd wedding anniversary.  So much has happened in the last year I cannot believe I am alive and not heavily medicated. Heavily.  As I sit back for the hour of free time I have before Tallulah wakes up, I think back to my wedding day, a day full of setbacks, serious set backs.  I honest to God woke up with a fever blister, a weird color of hair, and another little problem, lets just call it "a hemi".  My sister was in bed beside me with make-up down to her chin and what I think might have been sour cream and onion Lay's stuck to her face.  She had stumbled into my bridal suite at some strange hour, after escaping the grips of a D.U.I.  I had turned in by midnight so I would look beautifully flawless for my big day.  The day hurried by me.  My friends were hungover and I was totally in this alone.  I had 13 bridesmaids.  Not a one could pull it together.  I will say two did enough to get me some food in my belly.  I will be forever grateful to them.  I made tragic mistake after another.  For instance, I had my hair set before I took a shower.  I did not get a pedicure and let one of my friends paint them, she was still drunk.  I had not shaved my legs.  When I figured out I needed to shower I had to take a "puerto rican" with a full face of make-up on.   It was mayhem. I'm telling you people, if you do not believe in God, start now.  I somehow with all my ailments and bad planning pulled off a look that I can live with and I did my own make-up, before I brushed my teeth of course.  Needless to say other than my hair looking like I had just finished Outward Bound, I was pleased.
What I want to be my topic for today is the beauty of changing out of your wedding dress into another show stopper for what some and I consider to be the after reception party.  This is when the old people are gone, your parents are in their beds weeping and the kids are with the nanny.  This dress is what you are going to "fake leave" from your reception in.  NTS: bring a bra. This is the dress you dirty dance with your husband in, jump in a pool, pour champagne on, on purpose and pretty much ruin.  I loved mine.  My sister got me this purple Calypso number at the last minute and I matched my bridesmaids who wore Two Birds.  I had these beautiful midnight blue Christian Louboutin's and I kept the flower in my hair. Stringy hair. These are a couple of my friends in their "getaway dresses".  I hope they had as much fun in theirs as I did mine.  To the fillies who are not married yet, if you want your gorgeous, expensive wedding gown to look the way it did in the pictures, change dresses. And if you want to have a rockin' good time by throwing close to 20 twenty wine glasses on the ground while shouting "Mazeltov" do that too, it's your day dammit.

 Before I changed....
How cute is Marguerite, I am obsessed with this getaway look, and  I bet she had a blast!!!

Amie has good memories in this dress, I know because I was making them with her...check me out on the right

This dress made Sara a cover girl!!!  Love her blue shoes that matched her bridemaid's dresses
This is Dare in her lacey  getaway dress,  we were in Round Hill Jamaica, and she did go home when she left her reception...

Lindsey having a moment before escaping in her turquiose Matthew Williamson  dress. 

Charlotte catching a glimpse of her new hub in this gorgeous getaway gown...BVI's

It's me again in color!!!!!
Dare at her rehearsal, but this is a perfect dress to change into
Gately and Mikell Carroll leaving their reception 

L'chaim Lindsey and Wes...married in Punta Cana

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