Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gimme My Emmy Back!

Latest Dernier Cri*
Let's do the Jane...LYNCH
To all Belle Epoque readers I do not know how many of you stayed up to watch the 2011 Emmy Awards, but  I did and it was so well hosted by Jane Lynch I could have cried.  It has been so long since I was truly entertained by the host of an awards show every second they were on the air.  You nailed it Jane.  Ricky Gervais, suck it.  I could not count the awkward moments of silence from last year on one hand, and that was in my own living room.  I love awards shows for starters, actors amaze me.  I can't even pretend I like something, no "faking it" on my part.  I actually wear every emotion, not only on my sleeve, but pretty much 80's style splatter painted on my entire outfit.  I say "sentimental",  you may say "hyper-sensitive".  Kind of like when my husband ask me to load the dish washer or anything at all for instance and I ask to "stop yelling at me."  I mean it.  I did try out for a play recently and GOT the part, but I turned it down down due to a scheduling conflict.  And lack of Zanax.  Anyway I live and die for these shows, notebook and pen in hand, ready to take notes and cast my ballot.  I first want to give a standing O to all my peeps at SNL.  Yes, yes, yes Academy.  These people are amazing actors and it is LIVE.  Amy Poehler stole the show by improvisationally hitting the stage like a beauty pageant line-up when they were calling out the nominees.  I was not in love with her Peter Som dress, just a wee bit tight after that baby, but what a beautiful color and I am obsessed with her.  How about all of the red, it seemed to be the color of the night.  From Lea Michelle, Kate Winslet to Kathy Griffin and Sofia Vergara.
 Marchesa= gorgeous.  Gain weight Lea.
  Alan Cumming even rocked the Jean Paul Gaultier floral red pants with his tuxedo jacket.  Red is very sexy and it was nice to see this confidance exude itself from these talented women.  Other than all of the red, there were some pretty huge disasters too.
 The first three, I do not care about, but DB- WTF?
Dear Drew, you are so darn cute why did you wear a sweater turtle neck and a skirt that looked like a 5- year old  made it  in craft class, Katie Holmes is that a maternity dress, Paula Abdul did you still my aunts window treatments, Heidi Klum tell me you didn't borrow that from the Toddler and Tiara's wardrobe and finally Zooey Deschanel, the nineties called and they want their prom dress back, equipped with the wrinkled RED belt.  I do love red and pink together, but not this time.
 You are pretty and more fashionable than this and I am scared of your husband too.
Eden Wood wants her dresssss baaaccck.
Return immediately to drape department at Pier  1

Paz, you have changed since the summer you lived in NC, que pasa amiga?
  Gwynnie my heroine, I thought you had bared your midriff at first, which I have to admit freaked me out, but then I saw that there was fabric and it made your embellished Pucci number grow on me.  PS. G, please return my email!!!!!
ANSWER MY EMAIL GYWNETH, iam sorry I spelled your name wrong...twice*
 Tina Fey, you just had a baby- black was smart bossy pants.  Christina Hendricks, you are amazing, I don't even know who Johanna Johnson is, she could be your childhood bf for all I care, you are what bombshells are made of and you have RED hair, which tickled me pink, because I love a pretty red head.
 It was a plus to see plunging necklines, come on Hollywood, you're not starving yourselves for nothing, show us those bones! Not a huge night for fashion as far as I am concerned, but it was huge night for mis-fits and I am not going to say much because I mean this.  It is about time big people, small people, dark people, gay people and old people, etc. get some recognition and they did and it made be proud because that means viewers, the Academy, and people in general have come a long way. This is good America, keep opening your mind.
way to go dude
  Steve Carrell, you got robbed and it hurt my heart.  Not as much as my facial cleanser I put on my toothbrush that night did because I was so tired, but it hurt and it left a funny taste in my mouth too.
PS. Modern Family cast and writers you amaze me.  Not to mention you give memorable acceptance speeches, thank you for bringing comedy back to T.V.
Modern Family stole the show!!!

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