Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Latest Dernier Cri*
So, I just returned from a trip to San Francisco and Napa.  I have to admit being in San Francisco after living in Murrells Inlet for three years was like taking a long trip to Mars...with my husband and our 6 month old.  This is THE  most hipped out place to be, we first ate on Haight St. at a place called Cha Cha Cha's.  Fantastic name and food and sangria.  Imagine the looks my husband received in his 1990's Seinfeld jeans( we call them his Gaps), his purple gingham button down, and a light blue Brooks Brothers pullover.  It was the same looks say,  Marilyn Manson would receive strolling down the Marshwalk to maybe pop into Wahoo's and grab a cold beer and some sushi.  I could not stop laughing. Also, I imagine the kids in this great big hipped out Metropolis probably don't wear smocked dresses either, BINGO!  Luckily, I packed like an idiot and had layer upon layers on. (did I mention it was freezing)  I also had a cold so I fit in by the simple fact that I had my scarf wrapped around my head like a turban to keep my ears warm.  I was also wearing my favorite grey jeans, short gold cowboy boots, and a black and white striped cardigan that look like I ganked it from Waldo.  So, basically I looked like an Afghani runaway with fun shoes. And to top it off my red suede Zac Posen jacket.  So I'm no longer Afghani, I am now a secret fashionista from the United Emirates.  The most dead on description I can give you to get the San Francisco beat is to dress like a Beat.  Meaning beat-nik, maybe even Beatle.  Start with a dark washed tight fitting denim jean, this applies for the fellas too.  Next, wear a shirt you paid a lot of jingle for but it looks like you stole it from a hobo, stains and all.  Next, get a big gauzy scarf that you drape delicately around your precious, cold neck, then get a flannel, or a plaid, or tartan something.  Lots of baubles from various Gypsy travels will help nail this look.  DO NOT BRUSH YOUR HAIR.  This will ruin everything.  Get a cool jacket, because this is your deal sealer, this and your rad-ass boots.  Your jacket can be super nice or vintage, but it has to at least be a 7.7 on the cool meter.  The boots you wear need accoutrement's meaning, studs, hardware, or spikes even.  Handbags on the nicer end to fit with this look would be an awesome Chloe round hobo bag, or a stringy Balenciaga.  Anything vintagey works too.  Now for your makeup- pretty clean faces around.  If you must and I beg you, wear lip gloss and mascara...eyeliner in this case will give you the "yea, I just heard this swickest band at the Fillmore and I haven't been to sleep before I rolled into this coffee joint to recoup and smoke some medicinal mary-jane for my fibromyalgia." (I made up the word swick- it is a combination of sweet and sick.;0)  Of course there are other looks, but this one is by far the BEST.  I loved it.  Something about being around such wanderlust made me feel normal.
Next stop Napa whaaa...Napa whooo?
I essentially came home with wet brain and bull-dogged at a vineyard in the mountains after seeing a trash can levitate from mild hallucinations from having wet-brain.  There is no style here. Unless we are mentioning my friends whom I was visiting and they came with style, so, there. These people harvest grapes, so basically they don't give a rip and they shouldn't. They are making wines for us stateside to make fools of ourselves at dinner parties or weddings, love these people.  NTS- do not drink all of the wines in front of you at a tasting even if you know it's the nicest shit you've ever had on your throat.  Also, don't physically abuse your husband in public at a fine dining restaurant with like 500 Michelin Stars.  This is poor form and most importantly it does not wake him up or help him from taking a disco nap at the dinner table.
my beautiful friend Anna and nbf Bobo's at Cha Cha Cha's

my look and very un-hip but classy baby

I only like this because A.its a great picture and B. Ben looks like he has a tiny Brunswick County dick duster

 Very Napaholi looking

The Fam at Saintsbury
ps. I made Sanfrani-Napaholi up it's United Emiratey for San franciso and Napa

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