Monday, December 12, 2011

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might???

Judith Leiber please come down my chimney

Latest Dernier Cri*
So what can I say, I have been MIA.  Only because I have had to work a lot and had a couple writing assignments due.  This is no excuse to leave you hangin'.  You deserve to know what some pretty amazing gifts are to either get yourself, get someone else, or ask Santa for.  I hope he had a good year because some of these babies are EXPENSIVE.  I like to dream big and go "The Secret" on my wishes.  This means I am willing these item from the Universe and mind you I have already received and given some of these things so things are looking up.  I really do not ask for much for Christmas.  I just ask for simple things like this Nars lipstick in Schiap, I hope my sister in law gets me.
can't wait to wear this!!!
 I have asked and kindly received for the last two years a new exciting color from her that makes me very happy.
I am on my 4th bottle.
She usually loads me with Kiehl's products too, but I use my goods so sparingly that I still have some left from last year! I have been wearing this musk for three years now and I love it.  I also love candles and cannot have enough of them, my favorite of all times is Kyoto by Tocca.  I cannot find this anymore and have switched to Baies by Diptyque.  They have great room spray too.
favorite scent, wish they had a perfume
You have to do this!!! so fun
 I love the Nike ID shoes and designed a couple pairs in my time.  My sister designed me a pair of Air Cha Cha's last year and I loved them.  I asked her for them, but told her she would get  to design them, they cost $110 and are so light weight and so cool.  Mine were yellow, hot pink and turquoise.  She nailed it!  They are like the Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee-lo Green duet of shoes.  I received an early gift from my mom for my birthday which was this hounds tooth hostess skirt from Talbots
My birthday skirt, heart, heart, heart
.  I love it! Don't knock Talbots fashionista's, they have well made clothes that are very classy and pretty. Try it.  I would love a Miss Piggy poster framed for my daughters room.
not for moi, but for my nursery...
 How awesome is this MCL Matthew Campbell Laurenza ring?  $600 semi precious?  Not bad and very unique.
shazam this ring is gorgeous.
The Hermes scarf is from their 2011 collection and seeing that I collect American and Mexican folk art this Hedalgo inspired print would look beautiful on my neck or framed on my wall.  A very nice gift for someone too usually cost in the 300$'s.
Hermes 2011
  Alexander McQueen's table book Savage Beauty is amazing.  The pictures are tiny master pieces on every page.  The book runs about $45 and is a great gift for art and fashion lovers alike.
the perfect gift...Savage Beauty by the late Alexander McQueen
  I am obsessed with Judith Leiber purses. I do not own one, but if I did I would like the Ganesh Maharajah Elephant...Which is your favorite?  I think a great stocking stuffer this year is Bridesmaids, why? because it was hysterical.
stocking stuffer alert
  A red strapped Cartier tank watch says Tis' the Season and will set you back the price of a Kia, but when you love  someone you buy them watches that cost the same thing as cars...
I love this...Ben???
These Tous charms are so cute.  I would love to have one to wear for my daughter.  She loves my necklaces and I know I would be the coolest mommy on the block with little teddy around my neck.
Tous for Lu.
 The Herend flamingo's are gorgeous and would look great with my growing collection and maybe look nice near my Audubon print I am hoping for from my Boog(husband).
love birds...I would get this for my sister Emelie if I day!!!!
  This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is $295 and super cute.  I love polka dots and this little tote puts a giant smile on my face.
Marc by Marc Jacobs...
 J. Crew has a sale on their cashmere and this sweater has been reduced to $159.  Giving someone cashmere as a gift is always a win.
I want you.
 Trust. I personally want this Kate Spade clutch, it has my name on it...say no more and my niece would be so impressed.
I hope this cha, cha, cha's right into the nook of my arm.
 I used to always get my boyfriends Patagonia pullovers.  Now I am married and it's my turn and I love this simple pullover and it is $119, not bad and comes in really sweet colors.
warm me up please!
 And finally how about a Philip Treacy hat, I love them.  They are so bizarre and I would display it and wear it to a party or a wedding, why not?
crazy, but fun, fun, fun.
 Most of all what I wish for all of my readers is peace-  peace of mind and peace on earth would be really nice too, I also wish for you laughter, lots of it.  Because I personally feel it IS the best medicine and makes life and trying times a whole lot easier.  I lastly wish you all love.  Without love you cannot have peace or laughter.  Try to always speak from a place where love is, come from a place where love is, and dwell in a place where love is.  If you can do this, then the world should be your oyster and you its shiny Mikimoto pearl...
Godspeed and Happy Holidays,
Peace of Mind
laugh til you lose yourself
The greatest give you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return

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