The Proustian/Robaroodian Questionnaire

Who are your favorite heroines in fiction and if you could dress like one of them, how would you achieve this look?
Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  She keeps that childlike curiosity alive and has a passion for discovery.  NYC is the perfect place to play dress-up!
Where and how do you draw your inspiration, how do you stay illuminated?
Traveling, Photography, Music and Old Movies - Vintage pieces! .  Women in New York & southern women! 

How would you like to die and what would you want to be mentioned?
 In my sleep!  I would like to be remember as someone who embraces every moment in life!

What are your favorite qualities in women?
Loyalty, Exciting, Inspiring women that are down to earth and stick to their guns.

What is your favorite scent or fragrance and why?
CoCo Chanel & Narcisco Rodriguez - sophisticated, exotic, sexy!

If you could collaborate with one designer who would it be and why?
Rodarte!  They are 2 very innovative females that we really look up to.

If you could eat one food everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My mom's Almost German Chocolate Cake - it's the best. 

What is your most celebrated attribute?
For Hunter Dixon it would be the designs, prints, and colors.  For me, it would be  savvy, persistent, adapting!

Do you have a muse, if so who and why?
Southern women are our muses.  They are very imaginative.