Friday, November 18, 2011

"Something in the Way She Moves..."

Latest Dernier Cri*

Lately I have seen so many things that inspire me.  I have found this inspiration in artwork, movies, travel, blogs, books, Tallulah, my dreams, talk shows, cook books, oh the list is SO long and SO varied so I am going to share some things that have illuminated my mind and moved my soul or just flat out made me laugh so hard I could tinkle…I would  prefer not to use this word, but I decided I would do it for my dad, Virgil.  He tried his darndest to push this word on me when I was younger.  I could not and still cannot bring myself to saying it.  He also made us say “I smashed a frog” if we were to flatulate.  I think flatulate sounds worse than then other “f” word pertaining to this off the subject topic.  Anyway, the other day I tuned in to Wendy Williams on TV and not on purpose.  The telly was still on from Hoda and Kathy Lee and I caught that she was having the puppeteer behind the character Elmo.  His name is Kevin Clash and he came out all big and black and super sweet.  I could have just died.  He told a story about how he was riding in a limo and the driver asked who he was and he told him Elmo and the driver went on and on about how much his daughter loved Elmo and Kevin asked if he wanted him to call and talk to his daughter and the driver happily obliged, well needless to say while Elmo was talking away to the daughter Kevin said he looked in the mirror and there were tears running down the driver’s face.  Oh, I was crying just thinking about it.  Jim Henson was a hero to so many kids for creating so many beloved characters.  Kevin has been Elmo for 30 years and has a new documentary coming out called “Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey”.  All I am saying is that this is going to be awesome and Elmo brings a lot of love to people’s lives.  Maybe we should all try to be more like him, hmmm?  To make this about fashion, how about a long Elmo red caftan for the holiday in a light wool, where is that?  Maybe I will have one made!!!  You should too.
The little sweetheart himself
My next bit of inspiration came from the made for HBO movie “Temple Grandin”.  Claire Danes was the star in this moving chronicle of a brilliant woman dealing with autism before doctors knew what the hell they were talking about.  Please rent this movie on Netflix, it will not disappoint and neither will Temple’s wardrobe.  She was not a lover of the traditional frocks of her time and did like to spend her time amongst cattle, I mean lots of cattle.  Her signature look became western shirts with high-waisted jeans.  She also tied a scarf around the collar with a simple knot.  Get Temple’s look by buying a pair of high-waisted jeans by *Mother, Rich and Skinny or J. Brand. Now go to your local feed store or even Goodwill might have a sweet western shirt.  I know for a fact King Ranch and Shepler’s has a killer collection.  Next stop, a beautiful scarf.  I prefer Hermes, Ferragamo or Pucci.  They will add just enough pizzazz to nail the “Grand” in Grandin.  Now, go rent the movie and fall in love with a girl that sang  a song from Carousel at her high school graduation, made cow brooches- ranks, and went into what was considered a man’s world out west and ripped it a new ass hole.  And yes, with Autism.  “Would you like for me to open the gate.”(You will understand this after you see it.)
Thats a nice shirt you got there Temple.
I was in Charleston twice this month and stumbled across what I have to say is my favorite Audubon print of them all. John James Audubon was a French American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter.  What we know him most for his is color-plate book that is called The Birds of North America.  I have seen the pink flamingo Audubon print and have decided it must be in my house, I cannot afford an original, but a print is affordable and can be found at  Check out his work and see which one you might like chirping from your walls. He also moved to the south after his arrival to America from France...yee haw and thank you John-boy.  H&M has Versace now and they having amazing bird print blouses.  Be on the lookout for birds this season, trust me they will be flying in to make an appearance.  Hopefully into my wardrobe;)
 Look at this beauty would ya?
This should be enough to inspire you for the week.  Please tune in because I am taking notes and looking forward to sharing more with you and maybe you can tell me what inspired you this week?

 The way I would display my Pink Flamingo Audubon with my other art...
My little guest bedroom with other Audubon's framed
Two beautiful Audubon prints from John's book that we have in our house...they are not real....

Claire, you nailed it darling!
Emmy Night: Temple and Claire
How perfect is this for a holiday party???  Tickle me Caftan.
Etsy 150$

Elmo red...

Being Elmo Trailer

*Jeans can be found at Beanie and Cecil and Oliver Boutique in Wilmington, NC.


  1. Charlotte... YES, YES, YES, to all of it . Visual language from simple forms. Dwain.

  2. Elmo is a big part of our lives :)

  3. Charlotte - yes! love this post, love the blog. Tallulah is a doll and so close in age to my little one! Let's bury the hatchet and move on. So happy to see how you are doing amazing things. Love and God Bless! - Emily Hanna Tighe