Monday, October 24, 2011

Brown Baggin' It

Listen to this while browsing brown bags and other fall colors too.

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The inquirer, Taylor Cathcart
my Louis Vuitton feed bag-savior
So my friend Taylor recently inquired about wanting a new brown bag, and after two months of searching around different places, I am now dreaming of brown bags...instead of putting my liquor in a paper bag I know put it in this Milly number below.  Whatever color of bag you are dreaming of purchasing it is always good to have a good brown bag.  I actually use my Louis Vuitton feed bag more than any other one in the boudoir.  It is honestly the best bag I have ever owned.  Let these visceral visions awaken you to a new purchase.  By the way these are all mark-downs from various sites.   If you are interested, I will link you to these stunning sacs a' main.
Adeleshop on Etsy  $135
Nope not brown either but cute...Hunter Boot Kelso Doc Bag  $202
Dear Belle Epoque, I am in need of a new bag. I want something in brown or tan with either gold (or no metal) accents. I'm thinking soft leather & a fairly unstructured shape. I bought an interim one from Forever that, aside from the fact that it is not leather & a total piece of shit, is practically perfect. I'll post a pic. I'd love to find something similar to this of good quality. My budget is up to $400 (but I'd be thrilled to find something in the $2-$300 range :) Can you help me s'il vous plaƮt? xxx T
Taylor's old bag....Forever 21
See by Chloe $263.00
Milly- 294.00
Marc by Marc $325.00
Cole Haan- 165$
Kate Spade  Bow and Bridge Little Kennedy Bag $345
 Dooney and Burke- Classy and a cool 398$
Yellow bag above Marc by Marc Jacobs 329$
TARGET- Converse 30 bucks, totally cute.

Kate Spade*** Taylor-You love Owls - $425.00 Ebay that bitch and you will find it, cheaper...
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  1. That owl bag is hella cute. But my fave is the first etsy one! And luckily, the cheapest...

  2. Loooove the little Chloe one with the bow! Oh if only I could Mary Poppins that thing....

  3. on Ebay "Dreamy Linda Bag" NWT. Marc by Marc Jacobs.