Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Fling Must Have Blings

Moshino heart glasses #1 must have...how do I get?

 Latest Dernier Cri*

So, recently I have sat around perusing my magazines and thinking to myself what if I could afford my essentials the way I wish I could.  I don't know about you, but sometimes my "want" list is a whole lot different than my "need" list and which one usually wins. But, a girl can dream right and if all my dreams came true these are the new items I would be shopping for. I am going to my 15th high school reunion and not to just any high school- Saint Mary's High School where I boarded for two happy years.  These are the outfits I will similarly pack.  I wish I had these actual items, but I will work it out.;) As you will see, some are totally affordable, but some will go on a wish list.  Either way as I was developing this dernier cri I did notice an outfit that is a must and totally interchangeable from below.  I would love to wear the Tibi skirt with the Rag and Bone T tucked in and the lovely baby blue pash.  I could also wear the same white t with these awesome Lilly jeans- which by the way are much more vibrant in person and have a wide waist that sits very low, below the bump!  I have tried them on and as my sweet sister was trying to secretly purchase them for me someone else snatched them up.  At least they are revered.  I stumbled upon this bag and if you can get it for yourself, may I please borrow it?  I have been dying for a Faberge Egg pendent necklace.  They are magically beautiful in person and would be the perfect piece of jewelry for Spring and Summer.  These Zara wedges would be the cherry on top for both weekend outfits and of course this sea-green Mossimo onesie and beautiful Tory Burch tunic would be the icing on the cake.  I would wear both the tunic with the skirt and belt it and the tunic with the jeans.  The tunic poolside works too, but only with these sicky sweet heart shaped sunglasses by Moshino.

$148 Lilly Pullitzer
Tibi silk skirt $330
I am going to find a baby blue pash on the street in NYC
Rag and Bone t's are the best
These "Zara" amazing!
Faberge pendent necklace...gimme
This bag is amazing- perfect for Spring/Summer
MY make up essentials have changed too, and with pregnancy mask that was recently referred to as "freckles" which I am not sure I liked either. These things make me at least feel normal.  Whether I look it or not.

This color is the color for the people.  It honestly looks good on everyone.
Cle de Peau concealer 70$ Neiman Marcus
I don't need thick, I need length mascara.  This mascara by Estee Lauder is the best for that.

Give me tunic or give me death...
Tory Burch Tunics this season have gee-org-gous textiles
Can I fit two people in you beautiful one piece?
to make me look semi normal at months 7-9 preggy
Mossimo- Target

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