Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Raining Men Time

Jimbo Newton one of the most stylish men I know.  Not to mention one of the greatest friends.

Hello men,
 It is your turn for the first time on my Dernier Cri.  I just wanted to share with you fellas some very good looking finds not to mention icons to base your own signature looks after.  It is always good to be yourself, but keep it classy San Diego, meaning don't dress like you are from there.  No spiky hair, black t-shirts, and baggy Diesel's and those damn euro- trash pointed flat toe oxfords.  I am thinking Mark McGrath circa 2003.  Hang it up dudes.  What do you like to do?  Say you like to skateboard, or used too.  Get your Vans and put them with a simple yet stylish pair of jeans.  Levi's makes great jeans if you are part of the 5% of men who have not ventured into designer jeans (cough, cough, my husband)  pair that with a nice blazer( just go get a Brooks Brothers navy blazer already: timeless) with a simple knit collared shirt. Tadaaaaaa.  Clean, classy and cool.  You can eventually go to Ben Silver and get Alma Mata button or other cool vintage cuff buttons.  My husband took an old blazer and took a patch he received when he studied at Cambridge in London and sewed it on a pocket to give the blazer a personalized feel.  Also, gentlemen please wear your size clothing.  They make them for everyone, big, tall, bald...  They even have slim fit.  If you notice you are having to do the two buck tuck because there is too much shirt, get a slimmer cut.  Trust me.  Note to Men everywhere: t-shirts that are old and cool work with a stylish wardrobe.  A t-shirt you buy on vacation, go for a jog in it, sleep in it, tear it into rags and wash your new 2011 Porche in it.  Have you seen that car btw.  It is the best looking car I have seen since the 88' Jag.  My friends Uncle has one and it is emerald green (trust) and I was mesmerized.  I am not really a car person, however when Kate Walsh said in a 2008 Cadillac commercial, "When you turn your car on does, does your car return the favor." I honest to God thught about it.  If I had the new 2012 Porshe Panamera, I am pretty sure with 7 speeds it could cook me dinner and take me to bed, so yes Kate this car could...  Anyway, from the looks below, nice sleek lines, beautiful shirts and bold ties.  Pocket squares are a must and beautiful socks never hurt.  Men, if you are afraid of these words: pocket squares, patterned shirts, bright/bold ties.  Baby steps brothers.  You don't have to be in the clean plate club when it comes to fashion.  Start slow and I am going to give you a fabulous  website to start with.  Charles Tyrwhitt, not only does a lady with a sexy British accent help you order, but she will guide you like you were a virgin through new territory.  Monogrammed cuffs, pastel blazers, shanghai silk ties and for a very good price.  Men, do not be afraid of color.  You have the tendency to look old and my theory is because you don't think the sun causes damage and you don't moisturize. Color will help you look HOT.  If you need a winter coat go buy a navy or camel colored Pea-Coat.   If you are on a budget, try Banana Republic.  This look will never go out of style, in fact you will look sexy and if you dare pop the collar, wear a scarf tucked in it and gracefully put your arm around your little trophy, you will look and feel dashing and you never know you might get some.  Just sayin'.
Godspeed little stallions,

Wears clothes well. Whether they are sporty or dressy. Follow in his foot steps my little Prince's.
Sporty, BUT classy
What Man couldn't rock this, sexy.
I love a man in some boots
Off the Cuff, these are pretty awesome
Canali does no wrong. Period...
Dope Boots
do it. do it. do it!!! Without the scary face eating bird.

Im telling you the emerald green was sick. But so is this.
88' Jaguar..meow
Nice and clean, but sporty and dressy at the same time.  Leave your werewolf at home.  Shift-shapers are terrifying.

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