Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Target Practice

Dear all Fashion lovers and um huh, Missoni lovers, yesterday was razy-cray, I mean straight up Tickle Me Elmo-black-friday-Furbie-style crazy. And yes mam and sirs I was slap dab in the middle of it.  I have never anticipated anything so much in my life.  I came equipped with my Dad, Al the Cuban-their worker, and my daugher Tutu( cute baby equals divergent to grabbing things)  I arrived at Myrtle Beach Target at 8:30.  I was amazed with the women that had already filled their carts.  Not only was I amazed, but these people did not look like Missoni loving people.  I have been a  HUGE fan of Missoni since I studied in Florence and the lira could afford me the real thing and the pieces were beautiful and made of gorgeously strewn knits, cashmere and silks, but hey I'll take a viscose/cotton/polyester blend anyday.  At least I can wash it at home.  I bought a couple of shifts, some cardigans, a toboggan, infinity scarf, some flats, and barrettes.  I loved the notebooks and journals.  I bought a couple make-up bags and cereal bowls, pillows, and baby clothes.  I got to get the items I had been longing for.  My Dad and Al stocked up on flatware and pillows.  I overheard some lady say to my father "don't be rude, they will restock tomorrow."  I quipped "The early bird gets the worm and no they will not."  And in this case Target will not re-stock.  We were not buying these items for re-sale.  We were buying these items because we love Missoni and have known its history and beauty for longer than three months.  Everything from the bedding to the luggage was crafted beautifully for a secondary line, so BRAVA Missoni.  They marketed well and look where it got them,  I mean the cussin website crashed. I saw so many of my fashionista friends and loved it.  We were there because we love fashion and love the unique zig-zag pattern of Missoni and that was what I think appealed to so many other shoppers.  The uniquity of this pattern is easy on the eyes(sometimes crossed eyes if you stare too long)  I went back two times yesterday to get more items that had not sold, like socks, knee-highs, thank you cards, etc.  I ran into three other friends from the morning.  So, I was not the only psycho that went back for seconds.  My friend Chris even went into the back to see if they were holding out on us, they were not. She and I actually discussed how Margherita Missoni was probably on a yacht, smoking a cigar, saying "sono cosi ricchi, che amo la mia vita." ( I am so rich, I love my life.)  Not that being BORN a Missoni has its downside, right? We received one bike at our store and it was gone by 8:43 ( I made that time up, but it was early.)  Those bikes are doubling their price on E-bay.  OMG.  You can re-sell these things, THAT is how coveted and limited these things were.  So, am I proud of myself, yes.  Do I feel sorry for my friends that did not get to their store that was run amuk with bananas, yes.  My friends in L.A, D.C., N.C and abroad did not get a fair shot.  The website crashing did not help matters...needless to say, maybe they WILL re-stock, maybe they will do it again, maybe more awesome designers will join in the fun. In addition to the ones that have, fyi. This is what I am hoping for.  Maybe Marc Jacobs????  Well fillies, you can always borrow something from me.
My sweet Tallulah modeling her new drag

Honestly Mommy, stop.

I look like s&&T, but  looky,looky.


Why I love it.
what me and my mother did as far as damage, this discludes my sister, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law.  Which would look like a mini Missoni Target

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