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Play this song while you look at these clothes!!!

this is the Lindsey I know and love

Latest Dernier Cri*
 First things first, I have been friends with Lindsey since I was 13 and she was 14.  She used to drive me around Wrightsville Beach illegally at 15 in her bad-ass 1988 Nissan 300zx with t-tops.  Google this image please because it was sicky. I thought she was so pretty with her long brown hair to her bottom,  sun-tanned and fancy free.  We have one zillion memories. We played soccer together, went to the beach  together, cried together, lived together, but mostly laughed a lot together.  We are still close friends and I consider her one of the most loyal and generous people I know. I will never forget something she wrote me when a very stupid snobby lady hurt my feelings..."Charlotte, do not let the lack of integrity in other's effect the amount of dignity in yourself."  I was like "whaaaa" , she just has the ability to make everything better.  I guess that sums Lindsey up in a nut shell.   She just makes things better. Whether it be nights, clothes, drinks, food, vacations, weddings, you name it, she is who you want to be with and you know the fun has only begun when you see her do her little dance where she jumps from one foot to the other and kinda punches  you on the arms and pumps you up for God knows what, if you know her, you know what I am talking about.  For Lindsey, she has only just begun, and watch out, because just when you think she has shown you her best, she will only give you better.
 I asked Lindsey to answer a few questions so you could get a look into Lindsey's looking glass.  What you find is better than hookah smoking cats and tea drinking rabbits...enjoy.
The Proustian/Robaroodian Questionnaire
Where and how do you draw your inspiration, how do you stay illuminated?
I wouldn’t say I stay illuminated by any means. But inspiration normally comes to me as a feeling or a mood. And the good thing is? Because I’ve got inspirational A.D.D. (i.e. Why I can’t ever have a tattoo, or wear one fragrance for more than a week) Is that its always changing and ever new.

How would you like to die and what would you want to be mentioned?
Well definitely not cancer. I’d like for it to be quick if I somehow die young. Doesn’t matter, just quick. Or die in my sleep. Do people think about this stuff? And hopefully they would mention that I was an inspiration to other people. 

What are your favorite qualities in women?
I really enjoy being around other women that are down to earth, trustworthy, laid back, creative, quirky, spontaneous, intelligent and have thought provoking things to say. Also women who have great gut instincts are great to be around. I can’t stand gossips, or catty women. They drive me nuts. Such a waste of time.  I also steer clear of women who are manipulative. Such a Gemini thing to say, huh?! Always need my freedom! 

What is your favorite scent or fragrance and why?
Hard one. This changes on a regular basis. Which is kind of like why I’ve never had a tattoo, I couldn’t ever decide because my mind is always changing! Here are a few loves current and past:
Stella McCartney “Stella”
Khiel’s roll on “Musk 1921”
Frederic Malle’s “En Passant”
Commes des Garcons “Sequoia” in the winter time

If you could collaborate with one designer who would it be and why?
Isabel Marant. I love her story, her life, and her aesthetic. 

If you could eat one food everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I could eat the Tomato Tarte Tatin from FIG in Charleston SC Every. Single. Day.

What is your most celebrated attribute?
Maybe my hair? Ha! Honestly I don’t know but I get a lot of compliments on it when its down. 

Do you have a muse, if so who and why?
The one and only little Edie Beale of Grey Gardens. Because she was a timelessly classic beauty that could throw a skirt on upside down and look fabulous. 
This is my favorite!!!!  2011 Bonnie...
How killer are these accessories? Troubadourable!
so classy and so cool.

Love the high waist and tank, perfect for a warm summer night and this dress makes me want a Martini, straight up with lots of olives.  I also would like a wreath of Dogwood's to wear on my head please!
How sweet is this skirt, oh if I could have been a animal on that wall!

I will wear you year round and I will cinch with my coin belt and even put a turtle neck on underneath you.

  **** Lindsey grew up with a sweet southern upbringing in Georgia and coastal North Carolina. She has lived in various cities but  for the most part she has always called the south her home.   She has taken her life experiences and brewed them together to make a deliciously unique stew of city, sea, and southern satisfaction.  With these three influences she effortlessly rolled them into what is known as the Troubadourian-Lindsey Moley Carter style.  It was what she describes as “recklessly preppy with an edgy twist”.  With her confidence and innate leadership abilities being her guide she drove right into a career that was meant for her.  I mean, she even designed her own prom dress in high school and I remember it perfectly, it was bubble gum pink satin and short.  It was rad and man did she look hot!
     Lindsey graduated from UNC Chapel Hill and quickly moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion design at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. (Yay!!!)  She interned with Rebecca Minkoff, L.A.M.B by Gwenn Stefani, T21 by Ellie Tahari, and Cashmere by White&Warren.  She worked for J.Crew in their men’s division and even was a part of Madewell 1937’s start-up process that is now 18 stores America wide!!!  Did I mention she is 33???
In 2006, she married high school sweetheart/college sweetheart Wes Carter and designed a high-end golf/resort line called Carter Humphrey.  And now, Troubadour, the precious little gem she has chosen to share with us.  All I can say is thank God for brown haired- beach girls with big city dreams and sweet southern souls. Holla.
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An excerpt from Edie Beale....

Troubadour-ed, Troubadour-able, Troubadour-ingly yours...

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