Monday, March 19, 2012

Hatch Hound

look closely one is with child and one is not- same dress. BRILLIANT HATCH BRAVA!
Latest Dernier Cri*
So, whether you have ever been with child or not I feel it is vastly important to ask yourself one question.  What if I could buy a garment of clothing and wear it through all phases of my life?  This includes the "I'm fat and bloated" days with el period and days that you feel super sexy and svelte after training for that half marathon.  But the good thing is that this piece of clothing also has your back when you are in your first trimester and you have not told people you were pregnant and you "feel" huge, but you are really not, BUT the stomach looks like you might have just drank a twelver.  It still sticks around and fits when you are wobbling around in your 10th month of pregnancy. (yes I have been told we are actually pregnant for 10 months!) And I am not sure about you gals, but even after I had a my presh I felt like I was thinner when I was pregnant because everything was at least tight, this same dress, shirt, cardigan, still envelopes you and makes you  feel good.  Well, my friends welcome to the Hatch Collection.  These items of clothing are the mid-wife of your wardrobe, they are the childhood best friend, they are  "the sisterhood of the traveling pants" kind of clothes.  They stick with you, help you through, and make you feel good all the way.  Maybe they are magic? I don't know about you, but I find something very attractive about investing my jingle in something that is so amazingly made it can pull this off.  Apparently my friend the designer knew what she was doing when she came up with this concept because it is the first I have ever heard of.  My, if you could patent that!  Enjoy browsing the collections below and please join me Saturday the 24th for a trunk show featuring the new Spring Collection and in addition the designer will be present having freshly flown in from the BIG APPLE.  You will love her as much as you love the clothes.  Come be a Hatch hound with me- this will be great access to a fresh new concept that is taking over the whole idea of phasic clothing See below...
Check out the link below for event details:
love these colors, love this dress.  you can even belt it!

I would honestly wear this all the time.  I would even put my favorite type top underneath- that's right the trusty TURTLENECK!!!!
I could pull this off big time un preggy.  And I know some of you girls would look magnificent in this either way!

belt this- wear it with leggings or skinnies.
greek baby making goddess dress.  you can layer this too.
Are you in love with this cut too?
cuties! same dress different phase.
look at her, this is amazing.
lovely babies
looking sharp
love that arm length...
different ways to layer
just hanging dress...
My personal favorite 
smart and classy
I am obsessed with this top as a preggy and as a not preggy
very cool and comfy
The New York Times likes it!

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