Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why me?

Dear Filly Fashionistas,
I feel it is important to let you in on my autobiographical writings and curious undertakings..not to mention severe indulgences. I am here basically for you. Lucky you! I have attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, Italy and graduated from Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina with a BA in English. I spent my twenties traveling through 16 different countries and many different islands. I have lived in Holden Beach, NC, Wilmington,NC, Raleigh, NC, Torreledones, Madrid, Firenze, Italy, New York City & Brooklyn, Laguna Beach, CA, and finally Murrells Inlet SC. I have worked for Cynthia Rowley, myself- The Scoop and Charlotte Begonias.....etc.etc....I collect vintage hats, cowboy boots, folk art, and Hermes scarves. I have really lived my life, I mean, slid in sideways getting "skint" up all the way. I have sucked the nectar out of days and nights to awaken totally anew and ready to do it all over again. Some call it energetic, I call it resilient. I believe in divine timing, the divine self and pretty much all things divine! Throughout my journeys and awakenings I have discovered some really rare and precious stuff. I now want to share these things with you. I am going to let you know the Dernier Cri- which means "The last cry" and the last word on fashion-- in french. My word does not not have to be the final one, but I promise if you stick with me fillies not only are you going to look and feel BELLE GRANDEUR, but you are going to be living the BELLE EPOQUE.


  1. Dear La Belle Epoque,
    I really like the concept of your blog and as soon as I figure out topic worthy of your expert opinion, I'll be back with bells on, or some other jingly contraption.


  2. Jessica,
    Keep turning those hamster wheels....I KNOW you have a wedding question of some sort. xo

  3. Char Char!! How I love that you have a blog, your writing always intrigues me :) I am sure I will have ooobers of topics to question you about, till then....xoxoxo