Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I had my precious babe, now what am I supposed to put on this "precious" bod?

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Ladies, ladies, ladies:
If you have had a baby in the last year, I am sure you are looking down, around, and under and saying wtf has happened to me?  If you are not, I hate you.  I don't feel totally ug, I feel soft.  For those who do not know I had my little bambina, Tallulah on March 1, 2011.  I honest to God felt thinner pregnant.  I am not sure if that is because I was stretched from here to be-Jesus or what. Either way, treat your post baby body with kindness and try not to kick the people in their curtains when they say "but, look at the precious gift you got from it." Jesus...Shop the way you did while you were pregnant but without the word maternity in the genre.  My advice go shopping for certain staple pieces: a good pair of flared jeans and skinny jeans(dark shades mommies), black sweater(can be cashmere or a good ol' RL will do), a white button down, a pair of shorts( your preference-tricky piece) AND for the love of God do not try to squeeze your post baby ass into a pair of jean shorts.  This is where I would like to apply my NTS(note to self) acronym.  This is a trend that needs to be euthanized.  Girls and boys are totally abusing it.  ALL sizes are doing and it is making me want to throw. A nice open faced cardigan(grey-navy), a good Susanna Monaco skirt(stretchy) and sexy? I will touch down on accessories and make-up on another post TMI. Either way get started and enough with leaving your house without your face on, everyone can apply a little masq and lippy. Ps. where you go for now is Target(Missoni on the way September) grab a shift and some flats and maybe even that 400$ sweet ass bike, Forever 21- get some cheap trends until you lose it, J. Crew just go straight up classy with a pencil skirt and beautiful cardi (the Help style) also make a trip to the Ralph Lauren outlet in Myrtle, it kicks body (that's what my niece calls her downtown)

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  1. Yay!! So happy to see this!!! I will definitely be taking your advice. The RL outlet in MB?? Who knew?! Thanks Char!