Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Charlotte Nostradamus Baroody*

Latest Dernier Cri*
I was recently going through my wallet when I noticed a folded yellow piece of paper.  I opened it to find what "I" thought would be the fashion trends for 2011.  You can snicker or shoot the bird when you hear this, but I have thought since I was younger I had thought I had innate ability to predict what was going to be the hot new trends.  It was not until I got to F.I.T that I realized this "E.S.P" was actually called fashion forecasting and people got paid to do this.  Anyway, there are a few things that I feel personally responsible for bringing to the forefront, but I am going to keep this to myself- maybe and just read off my list what I thought would be the "it" items for the year of 2011. I think some will peep their head into 2012
Colored eye-liners
colored eye liner, get your colored eye liner!!!

Big Grecian Jewelry-  my bestie and roommate from when I lived in New York, Kate, had this gorgeous necklace and I keep thinking I will have one one day too, but I thought this would certainly inspire you.

Big Grecian Jewelry People
a bracelet like Kate's necklace...these things are pricey. $3400

Nineties colors and textures: hunter green, burgundy, flowers, and layered dresses.
layered and nineties colors

Dressed up men's clothes with a feminine twist ie. trousers, blouses, androgynous hats

Ralph you nail androgyny and make me want to nail it to.

 Idea to revamp #1.Old jean jackets- bleach spot them or bleach them.  Cut out arms or leave them depending on whether you want a vest or jacket.  Get RIT dye and make it a color!
perfect jacket for tainting

Fancy dresses with boots.  Think gowns with riding boots. But add a braided belt for fun and maybe your new bubblegum pink jean vest!
A fancy Ralph Lauren get a concha belt and some boots- mud is OK and a your cute pink jeannie jacket-VOILA

Americana- Country Pride
wearing colors from your country.

Blumarine had Jamaican country pride, now let's see if everyone else follows suit.
Jamaican model in the color of 2011.  Via my prediction.

High waisted long skirts
J.Crew-  you have nailed one of my looks and the high waisted sequined skirt, you are just perfect.
Peaches in a black high waisted skirt!  Love it.

birds of a feather

Cloggin' through life!

Monochromatic color palettes from head to toe.

That's right throw all of one color on...

So this was my list...I have tons of things to add and predict for 2012.  Since I think I am ahead of the trend let's see if any of these things become more true for this year.  I think we will see lots of animals.  I don't mean leopards either.  I mean dogs, birds, whales, and kitty cats.  In the mean time I am going to make a bubble gum pink jean vest to wear with a long evening dress I have by Ghost.  I will post pictures-trust.
God speed,
ps.  grey men's New Balance...I tipped that trend in 97'

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