Thursday, August 11, 2011

Myrtle Beach Haze

Latest Dernier Cri*
Dude wtf happened to the breeze? HOT!  It is like walking around in hell outside, but I was with my mother, which can be close to linking arms with the devil herself, BUT today was great.  We set out for fabric searching to give her house a nice remodel.  She refers to it as looking too "single-widey" which could not be farther from the truth other than the fact that her little L.D maltese' run around peeing and pooping everywhere.  To make matters worse their names are "Sugar-pie" and "Apple-pie".  Heaven help me.  It is extremely important I let readers know while I did not find that slice of magical fabric I was looking for, I did find 40% off  Herend figurines at Barbara's. (72nd Ave. North)  For those who do not know, Herend NEVER goes on sale.  So, much to my mirth, I got a chipmunk, that the lady repeatedly corrected me and called a squirrel, however, I think "chipmunk" sounds cuter, a whale, and a deer and her fawn.  They look perfect on display in my bar.  If you ever want to give someone the gift that keeps on giving, give them a sweet piece of Herend.  For starter's do you know how difficult it has to be to basically hold a baby paintbrush and paint porcelain? I am picturing the difficulty much like picking up a quarter with your butt, maybe even harder. Maybe like picking up a quarter with your butt off of a giant ice cube.  Either way these people are talented and each piece goes up in value every year.  PS. if you are ever in Hungary it is a wee bit cheaper.  I did not witness anything too incredibly stylish today, but I did get to push my mom around in a wheel chair while my 5 month old sat in her lap squealing with delight.  NTS get knees replaced before I am 74.  Now go buy a Herend yellow bear and thank me in ten years.


  1. btw..correction it's apple annie, and she would name her flippin dogs after sugar and her favorite place to eat. yes i think she could eat a meal there. btw also my first born and maybe only born seemed to "look like apple" the moment i found out she was a girl. p.s. don't correct my punctuation or grammar. i know how to do the all of the above but really just don't give a flip. why am i just now reading this? i love you and keep it coming..

  2. another thing you didn't tell me about wheelchair i'm kind of freaking out and you let lu sit in her lap. next gift helmet for my niece.

  3. You can probably hear my deep belly laugh at your house from ours. Absolutely hilarious! Can I come shop in your closet again ? Xo